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Success stories - Jill Roberts

Success stories

Here are just a couple of the many successes I’ve had over the years of transforming lives.


When Richard first came to see me, he was a struggling actor who was terrified of performing badly at auditions, so much so that he was considering another profession. I got to the root of his fear and worked with him to dissolve it. This freed him to attend auditions and pursue the roles he wanted to play.  Here’s a message I received from him just a few months later:

At the moment I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Los Angeles, with a Green Card in my pocket, enjoying the sunshine.

I married my girlfriend (officially!) and we emigrated to California five days later. We’re getting settled in, staying in a beach condo until the end of October and looking for apartments in LA.

It seems like there are a lot more employment opportunities out here. We’ve both already had work either filming or in TV production. 

We produced and starred in a feature film which we have handed over to a distributer for worldwide distribution. It’s a very low budget affair but people seem impressed with what we accomplished in such a short time with little moneyThings are falling into place nicely!


Cheryl came to me for help with her confidence which had been affected by regular criticism from a senior member of her team. I helped her find her confidence again and work through strategies for dealing with the situation.

Cheryl wrote to me soon after to say she’d faced up to the manager to deal with the behavior. She said “You’d have been very proud. I stayed strong without a quiver of the bottom lip once. Weight lifted. I wont be allowing that to happen again. Thank You.”